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Vancouver Dating Blog: Waiting For The 3rd Date

So after the second date with Garbage Man (also known as "more meat and less greet"), I still had high hopes that he and I might carry on and have some fun. Shocking (I know right?!?!), and in hindsight definitely something I'm ashamed of but try to bear in mind that I'd spent the last six years in a committed relationship and was currently in possession of extremely subpar flirting skills--which is all just to say that I was in desperate need of dating experience. And if I'm being completely honest, Garbage Man was like a workout. I was flexing my dating muscles and getting my fall in shape. First dates were like push ups, first kisses like lat pulls, and you could say that I was hoping to get in a lunge or two.

Friday (One week later)

He texts –Want to hang out tonight?

I text back – busy, tomorrow night?

He texts back – dinner with mom, don’t know when I’ll be back.

I don’t respond because what kind of vague ass reply is that?!?!

4 hours later, he texts again - Hey Sexy, I would really love to spend some time with you tomorrow night.

And that's when I cave, sort of.

I text back – Give me a shout when you’re back and if I’m free we’ll hang out.


Saturday night arrives, whooshes past and sticks its tongue out at me in the rear-view, no contact from Garbage Man ever comes.


Garbage Man texts - Hey sexy

I only respond because I’m curious to find out why he's even bothering to contact me after leaving me in the lurch last night. I text - How was your weekend?

He texts - Really sucky because I didn't get to see you. The rest of his message is, long story short, all about phone unreliability and I start to wonder why didn’t he just call...ya know...like dial actual numbers instead of texting???


More yaketty yak about mobile dysfunction (something about it shorting out)

*eye roll*

He asks about hanging out this weekend. I suggest Friday.

Friday (2 weeks post-second date)

The plan is to hang out Friday night, only he gets back to me too late. He originally asked on Wednesday and then when I responded for details...radio silence...he logs on to plenty of fish numerous times between wednesday and friday but doesn’t respond till Friday afternoon (is he shitting me???) asking to hang out that night or if not on Saturday. Obviously I message back...I’ve got plans tonight....I’ll message you tomorrow.


He logs onto POF at 10am (yes I check lol!  He has me saved as a favorite which gives me the ability to see when he was last online and so yes, obviously I check, duh!). I return his message at noon –Hey Garbage, you still want to hang out tonight?

And then AGAIN! it's radio silence. He doesn't log on all week.

Friday (3 weeks post-second date)

I get an email notification from plenty of fish saying I have a message from Garbage Man. I then promptly don't bother reading it...yet. I had decided not to do anything “dating” related because of a major schoolwork crunch all weekend (I am trying to earn a second BA and then get into Grad School after all). I also may have asked a friend to change my password until Monday just in case I got tempted to check early.


I check the message and it's more yaketty yak about his phone bullshit. This time it’s something about water spilled or whatever. Normally I wouldn’t be so hard on someone but this smells like Garbage, (man). I mean COME ON! He asks in the saddest wording possible - Are you ever wanting to talk to me again?

I respond - Depends. Is this recent flakiness simply a symptom of unfortunate technological malfunctioning or is it a personality trait?

Again, he goes silent. Was he ghosting me? I guess it didn't really matter anymore since if we're being honest, it feels like I’ve put the bags (my feelings for him) in the bin, closed the lid on the can, and wheeled it out into the street for pickup. I assume the garbage truck will be by soon, and I'll never think of Garbage Man again (insert: ominous music)

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