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Vancouver Dating Blog: This Girl Fucks

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Hello Vancouver, I'm here to tell you that this girl fucks.

I should probably elaborate lol. The truth is that I'm not looking for a husband. I don't want to be anyone's "the one" and this absolutely without a doubt isn't a soulmate search. The truth is that I love men far too much, and so the idea of just one for the rest of my life is damn near appalling.

I love the way words can roll of their tongues and the way their tongues roll around in my mouth. I love the way their hands build houses and safe places. I love their potential, the idea of the men they'll become in time, with life and with experience (though never with my manipulation or effort). I want to feel their enthusiasm and their energy and their attention for as long as it works for us, for me. And if at any point than it doesn't than perhaps the goal will change or what I want will change but for right now, all I want is the positive stuff--the passion and the excitement and the fun.

The only problem?

I'm not sure there's a man out there who I could tell this to honestly or who would even understand it if I explained it to them. I feel like all the men I come into contact with only understand two polar opposites--fucking soulmates or just fucking. There's no middle ground where people can just fucking relax for a bit and have a bit of fun (because for most men having a bit of fun means cumming and for me and a fair amount of other women we'd like a fun date, and some flirting, some banter and laughter, some kissing and messing around, some going down on us, some getting us the fuck off, ya know?).

And so I'm stuck in this limbo because I don't want to scare away the guys who don't want relationships (assuming they might be open to dating), and I don't want to scare away the guys interested in hot sex (because well, I mean, I would like some hot sex). But if they could just manage to not be total idiots on the way to getting there that would be perfect.

"Sometimes you just want to play some Mario Kart, get laid and have a dude throw you a sandwich as you run out the door." - Victoria Nachos

But you can't say that. Because the guys who want to fuck will forget the Mario Kart and the sandwich (not to mention will likely be not so good at the hot sexing), and the guys who want a relationship will miss the Mario Kart and sandwich completely and just go ahead and judge me for the sexing. And still likely try to get it in (only with minimal effort) and I'm back to square one (and nobody fucks on square one).

And that's really the problem isn't it, in being a girl that fucks but who also wants to make sure it's fun and great and I get off too and everything. And if you're were thinking that I had a perfect answer or things all figured out, well you came to the wrong blog babe (at least when it comes to this--I know all kinds of other shit about other shit) but in terms of how to have casual dating fun and also great hot sex, well, for today at least, it's still as big a mystery as it ever was.

*originally published 02/11/2010

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