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Vancouver Dating Blog: The Riddle Of The Kiss

Well, for those that guessed that the thing missing from our second date was a first kiss, you'd be right. Truck Joe has given me no kisses thus far, that much is clear. The only surprising thing is how many of you noticed that that was what was missing but also have complete and total faith that he's into me.

Still though, I've had two dates with Trucker Joe and not so much as a hand hold. We've shared 3 hugs (that's right, I'm officially counting hugs now) and that's it. I have some possible theories as to why there's been no kiss, some of them good reasons, some of them very bad.

Positive Theories as to why he hasn't kissed me yet

1.  He was planning to lay some contact on me during our last date, (preferably at the end of our walk out to the point on Crescent Beach) but with all the charming euro-gays, old ladies and drunk teens all equalling a total lack of privacy he thought better to wait (which honestly was a great call if this theory pans out).

2.  Both dates have been of the casual friendly vibe (aka short and sweet, full sunlight, very public) and he's waiting for a more romantic (aka sexy) moment.

3.  He is divorced and the first chick he dated after the split ended up being very future-oriented and when he wasn't (after only 2 months!) she was piiiiisssseeed! (this is not part of the theory this part is fact). So he's moving slow and taking things easy, possibly under the guise of protecting me but more likely to protect himself.

4.  He's simply old-fashioned and being a gentleman, waiting.

5.  Similar to #1 and #2 but essentially just the fact that our second date was cut short by him having to meet that person to give them the key.

6.  He has no idea that I'm a real sex vixen and that two dates is a long time for no kiss in my books and instead thinks he waiting the appropriate amount of time before laying one on me.

Negative Theories as to why he hasn't kissed me yet

1.  He's not attracted to me.  (Ugh.  Nobody likes this one)

2.  He just wants to be friends.

All this to say that our date was on tuesday and when we parted ways he said we'd talk before the weekend and low and behold I got a text from him on Friday making adorable chit chat. And then again on the weekend he texted to ask something about what we'd been talking about (really just showing he paid attention to things I'd said).

So yeah, maybe he does like me. Maybe, I do have some kissing in my future. Or well, I should specify that maybe I'll have some kissing with Trucker Joe in my future because this weekend, I already got some other kissing in.

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