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Vancouver Dating Blog: Getting Closure With Trucker Joe

There is no denying it, I was incredibly disappointed with how things turned out with Trucker Joe. Maybe not so much about him specifically but just that we'd been on so many dates and then nothing. Also, with school starting back up again, I'm not sure how much time I'll have for dating so if anything I was disappointed I wouldn't have someone to stick it to me until Christmas break so to speak.

It's not that I didn't have options, after all, the night after our disastrous (but hysterical) first date, Lindsay's Law had called and apologized for being a douche, tried to make it up to me, told me I was awesome (like yeah dude, I know) and then asked me out again (to which I politely declined). It's just that none of the options were good--after all, you can't hope a small dick big.

If I'm being honest, I think part of the distress I was feeling after Trucker Joe had even less to do with disappointment than it did with embarrassment. I mean, while I'm absolutely still pleased with the writing in Tuesday. Hot. Sticky. Delicious. and even in the experience itself, now looking back, I feel a bit like a moron. How could I have been so blind?

But that's the thing like how was I supposed to know? This man, who had asked me out on date after date and then had one hot steamy make-out session with me finally decided he just wasn't feeling it and like I completely get it (now, having had time to cool off) but in the moment, in the frustration and confusion and disappointment (this is why you shouldn't facebook people who have just dumped you), I got a bit crazy and messaged him the following on facebook:

What was with the kissing? like...if you're not attracted to me...why was there any kissing? Was it just a case of...well...I'll just give it a try and hope an attraction to her grows? Did my one time mention of it via text make you feel super pressured or something? Did you just do it as some sort of misguided attempt to placate me so that I wouldn't stop hanging out with you? Another reason I haven't thought of? And honestly I'm asking in the most non-critical but super curious...I have to know the answer to things kind of way :)

And speaking of reasons you shouldn't facebook with someone who's just dumped you...one week after sending this message to Trucker Joe, I just happen to be scrolling through facebook when what suddenly pops up in front of my eyes but the declaration of the century:

TRUCKER JOE is in a relationship with BLAH BLAH

I mean can you fucking believe it?!? I remain calm though because I'm trying to avoid being rash these days. I talk to my friend and (jokingly) mention possibly clicking like on the status update. Eventually I decide to do it though because it just seems too damn funny.

But then I start to wonder about this new gal and if that could possibly explain him both having an attraction but also not wanting to fuck in case it went sideways (or in case he wanted to get serious with the other woman).

The next morning, Trucker Joe responds to the message I had sent him on facebook:

tough questions.... i was attracted to u..... that night u looked sooo good and i was so horny but in the end Victoria there was just something missing for me.... which i have found in BLAH BLAH, we just connected on so many levels and to b honest it is a little scary but so exciting for me...i only met her a week ago but it feels right for me....well i guess school is bout to go full swing so knock them dead :)

So after I stopped barfing from the TMI of his new (and incredibly rapid) commitment, I felt great about myself and everything was much less confusing--he had been attracted to me, we didn't have a strong connection, answers delivered.

And then a couple of days later, he unfriended me on facebook.

*rolls on floor laughing*

Perhaps my facebook status updates just simply aren't as funny as I'd like to imagine. Maybe my photos scare the likes of small children everywhere and he was just protecting his vision. Or maybe the whole wanting to be friends thing was BS from the get go. Honestly, it didn't much matter--we had had a time together and that time was over, but it had been mostly fun while it lasted.

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