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Vancouver Dating Blog: A 2nd Date With Trucker Joe

I feel like I need to give a speech, a preface if you will, to you my lovely readers because I worry about your hearts (far more than I'm concerned with my own). I'm worried you're going to be let down because Trucker Joe really life the bar on the first date and now when you find out he's just a normal guy and I'm not ready to sign my life away that you're going to be disappointed that he wasn't the soulmate you were hoping for. But then again, who knows what's going to happen...

Two days after my first date with Trucker Joe, he texted: Good Luck Tonight.  Knock 'Em Dead.

He was wishing me luck on my first of a series of playoff games for the weekend which honestly is pretty damn cute to both remember that I had playoffs and also just keeping in communication until our next date was planned.

After the weekend is over, I text him something cute and he responds something witty and though we didn't win the playoffs, I seem to be winning because we arrange a second date and it's all good to go.

The night of our date, we meet at the park and ride (the beach can be pretty crowded and hard to find parking so we figured it'd be easier to park one vehicle rather than two). Plus, how cute is it to get a ride in that big sexy truck on our way to our big sexy date at Crescent Beach.

Everything on our date is going flawlessly with the exception of one random snafu: he's looking after his married's friend cat but just before the couple left, something went wrong with the cat and it's sick or something. Instead of him just dropping by then to look after the cat, they've arranged to have a friend stay at their place except that he has the key now not the friend. The friend was supposed to pick it up earlier but flaked and then called last minute while he was already on the way to see me. He told her that he had plans and the best he could do was meet at 9:30pm which means our date has an end time (not the end of the world but there ya go).

We walk up and down crescent beach (he asks if I want a coffee from one of the local cafes but I'm fine). We sit and chat until a group of young men comes and sits near us. I get the feeling he's a little disappointed we're not all alone out there but what can you do, it's summer and Crescent Beach is a pretty busy place. Sometimes he says something so witty that I laugh out loud and other times he talks about dirt bikes or stuff that seems kind of boring to me and I wonder about how much we really have in common. But then he looks at me and smiles and the witty stuff seems like everything and more than enough in common and it's all swoons and lust again.

Back at the truck, he opens the door for me and waits until I'm all settled in before closing the door for me. We talk more and he mentions something about an out-of-town-friend being in town and the boys going somewhere like Kelowna or Victoria the coming weekend. As I'm getting out of the truck I say something likeo kay well if I don't talk to you before the weekend, have a great time with the boys. And he responds with certainty and confidence oh we'll definitely talk before the weekend.

I jump out of the truck (it's seriously that high off the ground that I literally have to jump out but luckily I have little shorts under my dress otherwise I think I would've shown him my whole ass). I get in my car and he waits until I've started my car (I actually find this kind of dreamy that he double checks everything is in working order and I'm set to go home before he leaves).

And yet, after this magic second date, something still feels like it's missing from the picture...

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