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Twitter Guy: From Micropenises to Micro Disappointments

I can barely muster the enthusiasm to write this post (which is a bit of a spoiler alert to how things panned out), and because of my lack of enthusiasm, I've narrowed what I can down to just point form events. Most of these events I shouldn't have bothered with and involve my misguided attempt to be open (and instead opened myself up to being a total loser...ugh...something I really despise). 

The day after our date, I emailed Twitter Guy a funny video (that I had said I would on the date - I shouldn't have.

5 days later, I texted, "How was your weekend" (he responded pleasantly). - honestly I shouldn't have bothered.

A week later, he messaged me when he saw I was about to start posting about him on the blog. He said that he thought me posting was good and I had to clarify that it really wasn't a good sign (for him). - I shouldn't have bothered responding tbh.

At some point along the way he conveyed that he thought we had a good connection, he had a good time, and obviously I'm hot. He thanked me for a job well done on the posting (a good mix of revealing and privacy, calling me "a smart lady"). He seemed quite please with my blog opinion of him (probably because I left out his micro-peen and the terrible sex and my honest overall thoughts of him which I was saving for my book).

I conveyed my disappointment that he turned out to be exactly like all the other boys he claimed he was so unlike (which honestly was the reason I went out with him to begin with) - I shouldn't have bothered.

He felt that that was unfair but that I was entitled to my opinion, but I explained it wasn't my opinion, it was an assessment of facts. The email went on so long I began to feel bitchy and judgemental, not to mention a bit like I was coming across like I was trying to convince him to date me, and so I said as much. I said that my interest was correlationally related to time passed - I honestly shouldn't have bothered to share any of this with him.

He emailed back:

I agree with everything you just said. And I don't have a problem with your conclusions, either! You are right about me not reaching out. There's a couple of reasons for that (none of which relate to you) and maybe we can have a Diet Coke next week to discuss and catch up. You're not being bitchy or judgmental, and you're not trying to convince me to date you: You're letting me know how you feel and that is perfectly valid.

But here's the thing of the thing: I didn't want his drama and I didn't want his baggage nor his excuses. He said he was a real man in the corny way that men do and he couldn't live up to it at all. Maybe he was back with his ex and just couldn't bring himself to tell me. Maybe he just didn't know what was what. But I did. And I didn't want to see him again. And so we didn't.

On to the next!

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