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Vancouver Dating Blog: Come Back Charlies

So here I am, with online guy after online guy, giving out second chances

because maybe they're just nervous about online dating

or, maybe he's just busy with work

and, everybody is a flake now and again

And maybe it's because I take absolutely no shit in the rest of my life, or perhaps I've just gotten far too caught up in being the chill girl, so easygoing, so breezy...a goddamn pushover, but today a funny thing happened.

I realized that that was all fucking bullshit. I mean, what the fuck was I thinking? I mean, we know what I was thinking because I wanted fun dates and hot sex and interesting blog material, but shit son, summer is long over now and honestly, I'll just write erotica if I have to because putting up with the ridiculous behaviour of boys has its limits, and I've hit mine. And I'm not bitter about it, it's more just like "doh!" or "oopsies" when it all hit me.

I already thought I was worth getting, but it was high-time I was hard to get.

Ironically, the day after I made this decision, I got a visit from a come back charlie (also known as TheNickName in this case).

2 weeks to the day after he'd dumped me, the message popped up in my Plenty of Fish mailbox.

Hey you!! :) How's things?  Ha ha, Back to school!

I was confused to say the least.

Hey :) Things with me are fantastic (as usual lol) and though a longer break would've been awesome...yes lol I am back at school.  How are things with you?  How  was the rest of your Xmas/New Year's? He responded immediately:

That's awesome.  Xmas and New Years was good.  Lots of time with my daughter. How was New Years with your ex?  What mid term grades did you get?  A's I'm guessing!

It seemed a bit bizarre to me to ask about my ex, after all this man had dumped me 2 weeks prior, where did he get off asking this stuff lol. I responded:

Aww, I bet your daughter loved that. And lol NYE with my ex was good...my grades were the best yet (I'm so proud which hopefully discounts this sounding like bragging and making me look like a douche) but I got 2 A-s and an A+ (I'm so proud lol...It's the highest grade I've ever gotten)...and to have gotten it as a final grade means even more...Harvard here I come!...okay I'm kind of joking about Harvard...but still...who knew right!?!?!? He messaged back: Harvard would be missing out, without you!  I'm glad your grades went awesome. So were you planning on the ex time before our time together?  Yah I guess, cause you went to Seattle 2 days later. Wait. What?!?! Why all the harping on the ex? The irony is how he'd mentioned at some point how he can't stand jealousy and wasn't a jealous person himself. And yet, here he was acting all jealous which I don't mind at all tbh it was the hypocrisy that bugged me, plus he still hadn't mentioned anything about why he was coming back into my life.

Perhaps more importantly is also figuring out why I was even talking to him. And the truth is the lamest truth their is--I was desperate to have a booty call and since we'd already gone out (and then not gone out) at the very least, I knew there was an attraction. But TheNickName disappointed yet again. After a few late night texts and attempts, our schedules (or ourselves) could never quite get it together. I'm not sure why he tried to come back into my life but nothing ever came to fruition. I never got a good booty call and TheNickName never got another taste of me.

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